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Chinese tourists arrested in Berlin for Nazi salute at Berlin Reichstag

Curtsy: RT


 Social media people’s reaction on above article:

It’s just a Roman salute!
These assholes can’t arrest rapist immigrants but will jail you for praising the greatest man of the previous century.

 Arresting Chinese tourists but can’t or won’t arrest illegal migrants who rape and murder….too afraid to go and clean up no go zones…the insanity of liberalism.

Well, if the Germans did not want their tourists to associate the Reichstag building with the “glorious” days of the German past, why did they house the Bundestag in the exact same building? No-one ever gave a Nazi salute in front of the old Bundestag in Bonn.

Jason Rajcany: The hol***ust is a hoax. There were no gas chambers for mass execution. I’m not saying there weren’t a lot of jews who weren’t hanged or shot, after all the Germans were fighting against communist, but to say 6 gazillion “people” had resources wasted on gassing and then burning their bodies to ashes is completely ridiculous.

Stefan Hendrick I dont understand!!! Everyone in Germany is a Nazi? Only 70 years ago which is not so long ago the fuckers were dropping incendiary devices on my grandfathers house!! that was along with gassing a few millions! When they hung a few hundred nazis after the trails , so what happened to the other 45 million?? I understood they stayed in germany?..lol

João L R Abegão Now that you’ve dealt with these first class criminals, you can focus on the sexual assaults and rapes that have been ravaging the country.

Andy Jary What a load of politically correct leftist horse shit! Whatever kind of world are we leaving for our children! Mustn’t offend anyone anymore, and who is controlling the list of who can be offended and by what? Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me…… can’t say this, can’t say that. Fuck the lot of you idiots who support this destruction of free speech. You leftists liberal antifa twats are destroying our society. Did anybody die? Did anyone get hurt? NO THEY DIDN’T 

Sebastian Forouhar-Fard When you visit a country inform yourself of what not to do and what’s prohibited by law.
Can’t chew gum in Singapore, can’t spit on the image of the King of Thailand, can’t do anything associated with the 3rd Reich in Germany. Why is it so hard to get?

Miroslav Matović Good. Stupid people have to be stopped as soon as possible and fined. Its because of the stupid people that the wars are possible, and in them, eventually, both stupid and smart people have to die.

Tony Brough It’s good to see that the German government has its priorities straight. We definitely can’t have any foreign tourists from China visiting Germany and making Hitler salutes. After all, Germany is a free country and it must remain that way and we can’t have Chinese tourists just waltzing in and resurrecting the Third Reich. The police officers who arrested these two hateful Nazi`s should be awarded medals for defending freedom. Germany as most of you already know is an Islamic caliphate that fully embraces freedom of expression.Thanks to the glorious German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany is the freest and most prosperous nation in the world, and besides, numerous scientific studies have proven that displaying swastikas leads to shower room gas chamber Hol***usts.

Stefan Brakus When German liberals and leftists are more concerned with tourists and people with a dark sense of humour (my favourite) taking the piss out of Nazis rather than focusing on real issues, such as the migrant crisis and the resulting crime that they bring into Germany.

German priorities of 2017, people…

Valter De Andrade Pontes The facts always shown that the Nazi party was leftist globalist communist regime, supporting the left is the same as supporting the national socialist party in vulgaris the Nazi party.

Carlos Gustavo Neto That’s just to show the Chinese that Germany regime is not like those fascist dictatorships that punish individual freedom of speech… wait….

Juergen Uhlemann My grandfather had a saying when using his right hand up:
“My dog can jump that high”. That how much he would go. He nearly ended in a concentration/workers camp, but the war ended before.

‘Many said they experienced emotional abuse from their parents and were afraid of being cut out of their communities if they refused

Curtsy RT:


People’s reaction on social media about this article:

Of course these cultural “practices” are on the rise. What do people expect. As a society in Britain we have now become brainwashed and too afraid to convict the criminals who carry out these acts. Whether it be child marriage or FGM these practices are illegal, but fear of upsetting the “offended by proxy” crowd and their resulting cries of “Racist” and “Bigot” causes many people to turn a blind eye and hope that the issue just goes away. Until the police start arresting and jailing these people instead of just pussyfooting around then things will just get worse. THIS IS A FACT!!!! – If you think that Child marriage or FGM is in any way shape or form is ok then you have serious mental issues and should consider booking yourself in for some therapy!!!!

the title tries to make it out like brits are doing this, i dont consider ppl who come to a country and commit atrocities while refusing to assimilate as actual citizens….they are a hostile invasion force …period

Sell them, beat them, chop em up … why should we care .. we are constantly told to respect other people’s beliefs.. so crack on I say

 Indian women are forced into arranged marriages against their will..if she refuses her parents will honour kill their daughters!

This is the UK we are talking about, wow, forced marriage, I thought we were worried about youth stds and early pregnancies?

It’s a quote read the story ya lazy fucks. You Re close….. But Read THE Damn article.

Actually it’s propaganda of Europe and America by the name of child marriage . Actually they guys have habit of that but to be not expose in world they are giving political color to this issue to blaming Muslims for this shit .
But it’s going against theme they are blaming Muslims for this but people are getting red-hand the popes . Now deal with it .

You can see that also in India. That’s no secret. It sucks no matter either UK or India or someone else….

Viking invasion reenactment at annual Spanish Festival

Courtesy: Ruptly



People’s Reaction on the event:

My predecessors have the most medal of honors in the American military. The world asks America and Mexicans to save them when they fuck up.

[Reply]Go protect your heritage, and women from the real invaders, don’t pretend being so GREAT – your predecessors are probably turning in their graves.

You should know that Vikings were originally Finns, “Kaleva” & “Kven” and spoke Finnish until Rome Vatican forbid to speak Finnish on the Vatican market places.

The untold history that the Vikings were good people who believes just in one god and they went to Andalus for a god reason and they supported the berber to fight the Romans.

Got modern boat and people so thick you can’t tell much of the reenactment looks like ghosts interacting with modern day people overlapping

They were just busy torturing some bulls when they suddenly found themselves at the re eiving end of the Viking swords. And they ran.

They want to justify the professional beards and the fat bellys they have grown so they said: Lets do the Vikings for god sake so we look normal 😛

These Vikings are lazy. When I was a Viking we had to row the boat. These ones uses an engine!

North Korea here watching Viking tactics for there invasion

Oh, it looks so realistic, with the power boats hovering.. Did I see the one viking texting?

In a sanitised society great to see people out remembering, reacting history…

87 millions of turists for year. We already are invided.

They could have had an islamic invasion re-enactment, there are plenty of extras to hand that they could have used 😉